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Item Tracking Management

RuggTablets INFO brings barcodes and RFID to all aspects of the logistics industry and quickly realizes the multi-stage digital mode of pickup and delivery, including vehicles, personnel, goods, loading and unloading, and express delivery through rugged handhelds. Throughout the process, intelligent and transparent management can collect real-time data of each link’s time, location, and operator and submit it to the back-end of the platform. As a result, the rugged handheld significantly improves efficiency, reduces costs, and improves user satisfaction.

The challenge of the item tracking management

The traditional transportation method cannot obtain the cargo and vehicle transportation status in real-time. Therefore, when the cargo arrives late, it cannot provide customers with accurate express logistics dynamics. Inaccurate and untimely transportation information often disrupts the orderly work arrangements of the consignee and affects its work efficiency.

The solution of the item tracking management

EM-Q86, a rugged tablet EM-Q86, collects information by scanning the vehicle tag and identifying the bar-code of the item when the goods are out of the warehouse and tracking the transportation status of the goods to ensure that the goods can arrive at their destination on time by GPS positioning. Furthermore, the stable mobile network guarantees the real-time and accuracy of the transportation information backstage. The consignee and consignor can check the latest transportation situation at any time.

The Application effectiveness of the item tracking management

1. The rugged tablet EM-Q86 has a GPS positioning management function, which can quickly and accurately locate the position of the goods and vehicles so that the consignee and consignor can know the position of the goods and vehicles at any time;

2. The stable 4G mobile network of EM-Q86 ensures the accuracy of the backstage information. If the goods are not delivered within the specified time, the consignee and consignor can track the latest position of the vehicle through the system to check the delay.

3. By the EM-Q86 tablet can visualize and digitize the carTablets industrialesgo transportation process, which can save more labour and material resources. Transportation is more competitive.

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