What brands of military notebooks do you know? Military notebook computer brand introduction

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Today is a computer information era, the notebook has become the palm of people's hands, basically whether office workers or students who will use notebook computers, so that the demand for notebook computers has been extremely high in the country. Of course, the use of laptops is not limited to schools or companies. Laptops are far better to carry than other computers, so people are seeking convenience while the military is also using them. This artical aim to introduce military notebook computer brands.

Thinkpad rugged notebook introductions

Thinkpad: Thinkpad is a lenovo brand. Since its inception, Thinkpad has been showing its black classic image in people's lives. For appearance design and notebook technology, Thinkpad has its own unique views and views. Its laptops are not only rugged also reliable enough for military use.

HP rugged notebook introductions

HP: HP is one of the world's largest information technology company, it is a global information technology company, has very great influence in the whole world, there are many kinds of its products, the notebook computer is one of them, not only longer service life, and good quality, it is worth to choose a good brand.

In HP's, there is a brand called Compaq, seems to be in the computer industry, Compaq was barely mentioned, compared to the rest of apple, Samsung, its reputation does have some less, and in more than a decade ago, it was acquired by HP, but for a laptop, it is also can yet be regarded as a good brand. Compaq's original product was portable and compatible, the first PERSONAL computer to be recognized by IBM as compatible with the military.

RaBook rugged notebook introductions

RaBook: RaBook is probably the most familiar for military laptops. RaBook, whose name stands for high quality, high quality, high performance, the high configuration of notebook computers, is the most popular military rugged devices brand.

Why do you think so highly of it?

RaBook is a high-end notebook brand in Hong Kong, the products are produced by the world's top ODM OEM, in terms of quality, not only to reach the military indicators, but also through the iOS quality system certification and Intel CBB green quality certification. With unimaginable performance, it has been loved by senior people and is widely used in the industry.


Introduction for Military notebook cover a wide range of applications,

1) Electronic computers specially designed and manufactured for military use;

2) Strengthen the computer for military use based on the civilian computer;

3) There are also civilian electronic computers fitted with appropriate components and applications for military use.

Electronic computers can automatically carry out scientific calculations, data processing, document and transaction processing, signal and image processing, language translation, speech recognition and all the solution of computable problems.


Classification: Military electronic computers can be divided into analog electronic computers and digital electronic computers according to their working principles and electronic devices used. There is also a hybrid computer derived from the two basic types.


1) Digital electronic computers are classified into giant, large, medium, small and microcomputers according to their performance, size and price;

2) Digital electronic computers are divided into special-purpose computers and general-purpose computers according to their application scope.

3) According to its basic working principle, the digital electronic computer can be divided into Neumann computer and non-Neumann computer;

4) Digital electronic computers can be divided into fire control computers, electronic countermeasures computers, guidance computers, navigation computers, etc.

5) According to their loading platform, digital electronic computers can be divided into vehicle-mounted computers, shipborne computers, airborne computers, missile computers, spacecraft computers, etc.


The military requirements for notebook computers are much higher than the requirements we need in our life at ordinary times, and different notebook computers have different brands, the above is about the military notebook brand content, I hope to help you!

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