Rugged tablets for Mobile Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Mobile Ultrasound Diagnostic System


As a safe, non-invasive, intuitive and simple diagnostic method, ultrasound has become one of the necessary clinical diagnostic equipment. With the rapid development of medical information technology, higher requirements have been placed on the convenience and intelligence of ultrasound. At the same time, traditional large-scale desktop ultrasound equipment cannot cover tens of thousands of township health centers in China, as well as more village-level health institutions. The domestic medical industry urgently needs small ultrasound equipment that can be used clinically. As a world-leading technology health medical platform, developing a low-cost, multi-functional, high-reliability, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-use mobile ultrasound diagnostic system has become an urgent need.


1. The old equipment has a single function, large volume, and complicated operation, and cannot be operated remotely;


2. There are many patients, and ultrasound examinations often have serious queues in many hospitals, especially large and medium-sized hospitals;


3. It is difficult for bedridden patients and elderly patients with limited mobility.



In response to the needs of customers, RuggTablets Info recommended the EM-I18H, an android medical tablet for mobile ultrasound diagnostic systems. This terminal reads and analyzes patient ultrasound images to provide fastindustrial motherboard and accurate medical auxiliary diagnosis, thereby improving the accuracy and efficiency of clinical diagnosis and treatment, reducing the work intensity of doctors, and reducing the chance of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. At the same time, the ruggedized PC expands the application scenarios of ultrasound equipment, which will play an important role in remote or extreme environments, social health centres and other places. To know more about tablets for medical offices, you can email RuggTablets at any time.





  • Powerful processing technology, automatic calculation of data, making diagnosis more convenient;


  • Manage patient and image information, easily store, retrieve and manage patient information;


  • The doctor can grasp the visual information of the patient in time, and perform the examination for the patient anytime, anywhere, thoroughly solving the problems of insufficient medical equipment and time-consuming inspection;


  • Transmission of inspection results, images and reports over the network. Both nurses and technicians can operate, and then transfer the test results to an expert for remote diagnosis. Make patients in under-resourced or remote areas, as well as patients in emergencies, enjoy professional diagnostic services;


  • The wireless function can be easily connected to the printer to help patients record the examination results.

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