Rugged tablets for Oilfield Equipment Inspection in Xinjiang

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Oilfield Equipment Inspection in Xinjiang


Oilfield inspection is a mobile, sudden and urgent industry, and inspections need to inspect pipelines damage caused by natural environment changes, artificial damage to pipelines, equipment ageing, and the operation of auxiliary equipment. As the scale of oilfields grows, oilfield inspections are constantly being reformed. Oilfield safety hazards caused by traditional paper and pen-based equipment inspection modes have become increasingly prominent, and they cannot meet the requirements of the development of informatization.


An oilfield, as the largest oil production enterprise in western China, has increasingly higher requirements for information management and standardization.



1. Manually filling in results is inefficient, easy to miss items or make errors, and cannot guarantee the reliability and authenticity of the data;


2. Inspectors are not in place, missed, or are not on time;


3. It is difficult for managers to know the status of production and equipment in a real-time, accurate and comprehensive manner, which makes it difficult to formulate the best production, facility maintenance and repair programs;


4. Geographical and climatic conditions are complex.



In response to the above problems, RuggTablets Info recommends the rugged tablet PC. This terminal and system constitute a real-time inspection management system, which effectively realizes the data collection of oil extraction and transmission pipelines and the real-time tracking and tracing of the inspector, making the oilfield inspection more scientific and efficient. To know more about RuggTablets ruggedized PC, contact us now!






  • Collect inspection data to make the work completely paperless;


  • Anti-missing inspection. If a missing inspection occurs, the equipment will promptly alert the relevant personnel;


  • Real-time monitoring and scheduling of inspection process, adjustment of inspection order or increase of inspection points;


  • It can transmit the various situations encountered in the inspection to the system through the wireless network so that managers can understand the specific situation in place, grasp and analyze equipment operatioWinmate&Reseller&FM08&FM07n, and then effectively maintain oilfield equipment.

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