Rugged tablets for Railway Maintenance Inspection Management

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Railway Maintenance Inspection Management


In the past ten years, the rapid development of China’s economy, the increase in railway mileage and the increase in operating speed have been increasingly important requirements for the maintenance of railway infrastructure. Railway maintenance is a huge and complicated project. The maintainers need to share the latest and most comprehensive equipment test data, make correct judgments quickly based on the data, and respond to faults in time to ensure the normal operation of the railway. In order to eliminate various hidden dangers, a Railway Administration is seeking a way to reduce costs, improve efficiency and inspection management.



1. It is inefficient for the inspectors to manually record test data and enter statistics afterwards, which may easily result in loss of inspection data or record errors;


2. During the inspection process, it is difficult to keep track of the inspectors’ duty status and whether to follow the designed route;


3. The inspectors cannot solve the new problems on the spot.



In response to the needs of a railway bureau, RuggTablets Info recommended a rugged handheld PC, EM-T52. This handheld rugged tablet has functions such as data collection, data sharing, real-time communication and monitoring, which improves the reliability of inspection data, facilitates the operation of the inspector, and improves the level of inspection management. RuggTablets provides many kinds of rugged handheld devices, contact us for more specific information.





  • The inspector completes the specified items at the point, and quickly collects the operating status and data of the equipment;


  • Set inspection lines, make reasonable line arrangements, and achieve standardized daily work management;


  • Real-time sharing of inspection data, management and control departments can easily query the inspection situation through the network, providing managers with timely, accurate and effective decision-making reference data;


  • Inspectors sign in via NFC, and the GPS positioning function displays the staff’s position, and they can initiate the staff’s dispatch command at any time to make the inspection follow the standardized route;


  • In special cases, you can directly upload thSurveying Equipmente situation to the center by means of graphics, videos, etc., and communicate with the control department in time to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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