Rugged PC in Energy Industry

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Rugged PC in Energy Industry

Energy industry Due to the large scope of work and high difficulty, productivity is low. How to safely and effectively improve efficiency has become the most important problem in this industry.


Features of Rugged PC in Energy Industry


Workplace Safety

Safety should always come first. Good process safety management and asset integrity, and rigorous enforcement of safety guidelines are required. Our solutions help protect professionals’ lives by enabling quick communications and providing access to vital information in hazardous areas.

Remote Support

Energy Industry requires expertise that is not always available on-site. With an RuggTablets mobile office of the rugged desktop PC that includes video conferencing and remote support, a few seasoned experts can remotely mentor and guide more junior engineers with in-the-field training.

Reliable Field Data Collection And Management

Our rugged tablet PC enables you to make on-site measurements, record and analyze data. It allows the operator to seamlessly connect to the equipment and control room.

Tablets Robustos

Longer Battery Life

Our long battery life can last a full work shift in the field. Hot-swappable dual batteries to minimize downtime.

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