Rugged PC in Manufacturing Industry

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Rugged PC in Manufacturing Industry

Effective employee management is the core of efficient manufacturing operations, and automated facility Mobile Data Terminalmanagement makes production more efficient.


Features of Rugged PC in Manufacturing Industry


Real-time Access

With 4G LTE/5G and Wi-Fi, our connectivity solutions help workers communicate in real-time with the factory management systems. Constant connectivity is a must for any efficient workforce management solution.

Higher Productivity

Strengthen the control of the team and optimize the allocation of resources. Adjust manpower at any time to ensure maximum resources. One device such as a rugged notebook can easily complete daily equipment management and safety inspections.

One-handed Operation With Digitizer Pen

RuggTablets has multiple rugged tablets for sale that brings the configurable options that professionals need in a lightweight, rugged format. Our stylus also helps replace pen and paper for digital record-keeping, while the devices’ cameras render many verbal descriptions unnecessary, thus making data easier to capture and transfer.

Ruggedness That Saves You Money

RuggTablets solutions are inherently rugged, certified by international third parties to MIL-STD 810G, and up to IP68 standards. They thrive in extreme weather conditions and withstand impacts, vibrations, harsh temperatures, humidity, dust, and drops up to 5.9 feet.

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