Rugged PC in Transportation Industry

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Rugged PC in Transportation Industry

The transportation industry involves extreme weather and the complexity of the work scope across regions makes it difficult to manage in a unified way. There are also hidden dangers in the personal safety of industry personnel.


Features of Rugged PC in Transportation Industry


Natively Rugged

Surviving long-term operation in harsh outdoor environments and extreme weather conditions. Our rugged tablet PC is highly reliable and robust.

Real-time Connection

Reliable mobile connection technology improves the management of the transportation industry. The driver keeps in touch with the manager through a dedicated GPS, 4G LTE / 5G, and transmits and receives data in real-time. Railway technicians provide work assistance through remote video. RuggTablets’s solutions provide professionals with a housing platform to ensure safe and efficient work.

Sunlight-readable Screen

Our solution is equipped with a 1000nit ultra-high-brightness display. It has an easily readable display for use both duriSemi Rugged Notebook PCng the day and throughout the night. The highly readable screen of RuggTablets’s rugged notebook helps professionals access the information they need.

Long Battery Life

Field professionals have many things to worry about; running out of battery power should not be one of them. In addition to the long battery life of our devices, our solution also includes products with hot-swappable dual batteries to ensure continuous operation.

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