Rugged PC in Warehouse and Logistics Industry

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Rugged PC in Warehouse & Logistics Industry

Effective warehouse operations need an efficient work process, accurate records, fewer costs, and minimal handling errors. RuggTablets rugged products are built to withstand many complex environments. It can also link with yard management or transportation systems directly, greatly improving operational efficiency.


Features of Rugged PC in Warehouse & Logistics Industry

High Accurate That Save Your Time

RuggTablets is a professional rugged computer manufacturer whose rugged products offer integrated 1D and 2D barcode readers for a compact. With just one scan, assets anRetail Solutionsd inventory can be easily identified. Our solutions increase accuracy and productivity when warehouse workers manage goods.

Highly Readable Touchscreen

Our rugged notebook with a display that is highly readable in areas with very different lighting conditions, with better contrast and crisper colors both indoors and outdoors.

Real-Time Access

Connectivity is vital for real-time access to your work. With GPS, 4G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, our solutions help professionals stay connected, transferring and receiving data in real-time from your enterprise’s system and substituting methods such as push-to-talk radios or pen and paper reporting.

Ruggedness That Save Your Money

Inventory and warehouse management professionals work in a variety of environments that can present strong challenges to conventional devices. Our products are certified by international third parties to MIL-STD 810G and up to IP68 standards and ready to face the challenge. Longer product lifecycles help you save money.


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