How do you judge a ruggedized tablet?

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How do you know a ruggedized tablet not good?

1-The basic situation of the company, such as the scale of staff operation.

A small company with dozens of people can not make a good quality Rugged tablets, An elite team with too few r&d staff can’t produce a good product. The scale of operation of the manufacturer determines the quality of pre-sales service and after-sales maintenance service. In addition, The limited experience in the industry also needs to pay attention to. If a company is only two years old, it may have problems in technical accumulation.

2-The factory

The well-known brands do not care so much about cost, but other companies are forced to carefully consider the cost to survive. It is a very critical part of the manipulation of costs that own factory-built. If a company has to outsource the business of OEM production, then, his cost and quality are not reasonable to control. And these additional outsourcing costs, quality management costs will be transferred to the customer. Therefore, we suggest customers should choose a company that has its own factory so that if a large number of problems occur, you can even order them to be repaired immediately.

3-The price

Cheap goods are not Good goods. Good goods are not cheap. The price of all goods is based on the market mechanism. It is relativistically effective to set the price higher than the average price of the market as the purchase price forecast. Be in specially marked”low price, ultra-low price, factory price”, it is this kind of price certainly not good if products stock is enough and good enough, otherwise violated the law of value. For example, high-tech companies around the world, electronic information technology enterprises top 500. General product quality certification includes IP grade verification, THE United States Army standard MIL-SYD-810G verification, an explosion-proof certificate, safety verification, environmental protection product certification, if you want to deliver abroad, also includes the access conditions verification of various countries and regions, GoogleGMS verification, etc. Do not ignore this product quality certification, single GMS verification, in many foreign countries in Our country, without this verification sales market can be described as difficult. Five, see sales volume is small, on behalf of the goods have not been tested by the sales market, there are likely to be many potential problems. Only when the delivery of goods to a certain amount, some problems will be exposed, resulting in the company’s high attention. Companies with high sales will invest in a lot of stability testing equipment to ensure that products can be integrated into a variety of extreme natural environments during product development and production.

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