Rugged tablets for IPC in Automobile Manufacturing

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RuggTablets Info IPC in Automobile Manufacturing


At this stage, the automobile industry manufacturers are still the largest users of industrial robots. The large mechanical arm has high load capacity and long-distance support and can move freely when spot welding car body panels, installing windshields or wheels. Smaller robots can be used for welding and mounting brackets and other components. The above operations are widely used in international automobile manufacturing. Robot technology promotes production speed and accuracy. The advantages in safety, quality and performance are the main reasons for the widespread adoption of robotics. For high-quality,  high-throughput, flexible production, and seamless integration processes, a production planning system that supports precise computer-controlled processes is critical.


1. Manual operation / Repeated monotony / High error rate;


2. Weak safety and production accuracy is difficult to improve;


3. The process is cumbersome, data collection is difficult, and management is complicated.



RuggTablets Info, one of the top industrial panel PC suppliers, pushes out EM-PPC10S PRO fanless embedded IPC that will be used in advanced automated assembly facilities of international automobile manufacturing. EM-PPC10S PRO is deployed in a networked manufacturing process control system, which can provide detailed information of parts to be installed and record production details of product quality control. At each workstation, EM-PPC10S PRO with appropriate power supply, LAN and HDMI interface. They are all installed on the robot arm and connected to the power supply, network, and monitoring sensors that support the design of the lockable cable, thereby preventing any cable or cable from falling off and causing production failure or interruption. To enable data collection, data display and remote monitoring functions. In terms of display, EM-PPC10S PRO provides HDMI, VGA and optional third-party display interfaces, which can be used flexibly in a different application. The series of IPC are equipped with the most advanced Intel 6th/7th  generation Core™ U series (i3/i5/i7) processors. The compact size provides excellent computing performance and can be perfectly integrated with highly automated production lines. More information about the industrial rugged tablet PC can be found in RuggTablets. Contact us at any time.





  • Reliable fanless/ Wide voltage/ Temperature/ Lockable cable design ensuPDAS COMANDEROSres the reliability and stability.


  • VGA/HDMI/Optional 3rd interface, support multiple displays.


  • Support high computing performance and rich I/O, with excellent data collection and analysis capabilities.


  • Long product life cycle, and permanent RuggTablets Info services.

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