Rugged tablets for IPC is Used in Campus Security System

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RuggTablets Info IPC is Used in Campus Security System


In the context of the digital age, campus management also needs to move towards intelligence. With the upgrade of the school environment, various facilities and services have been incorporated into the campus management system, which has continuously expanded campus management. If the traditional management mode is still followed, problems of high cost, low efficiency, and chaos will easily occur. The advancement of information technology and the actual needs of campus security management have spawned campus security management solutions, and RuggTablets Info will provide strong hardware support for it.

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1. Difficult management, complex campus information;


2. Low security, no unified access control, no identification of outsiders, and relevant information cannot be delivered on time.



The goal of campus security is to use a smart IC card to connect the various components of campus management so that the campus system can achieve linkage. Campus Card can apply digital technology to teaching, access control, logistics, and the daily life of teachers and students. The system can identify and manage personal information while enabling one-card payment and other functions so that the school can form a unified security data management system to ensure the personal and property safety of teachers and students. The goal of this solution is to achieve “Web browsing, data interchange, and intelligent management.” Using smart cards as a medium, a comprehensive security protection platform for teachers and students on campus is established. By covering multiple fields such as identity recognition, financial/information services, process integration, etc., a new generation of campus intelligent platforms with high efficiency, stability and convenient management is formed. EM-PPC15R embedded IPC made by RuggTablets, one of the best industrial panel PC suppliers, will provide stable support for campus security solutions, and the device supports multiple expansion slots. The rugged industrial PC also has excellent communication capabilities and can be equipped with a variety of modules, making it an excellent partner for campus security. To get more information about the industrial laptop, contact RuggTablets first.





  • Public property management Improves operating efficiency and reduces management costs.


  • Self-service on campus Make students’ campus life more convenient for teachers and students.


  • School entrance and exit management School gatekeepers can standardize visitor registration through the visitor management system so that visitors’ visits and departures can be documented and traceable in time.


  • Security protection management Ensure the safety and lifeline of teachers and students in the school.

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