Rugged tablets for IPC is Used in Face Recognition

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RuggTablets Info IPC is Used in Face Recognition


In recent years, face recognition technology has made rapid progress and has become an indispensable part of our lives unconsciously. Ticket gates at many stations in China have adopted the latest face recognition technology, which has greatly improved safety and social control. From a traditional point of view, this technology is mainly used in security screening at international airports to prevent terrorist or criminal threats. However, with the continuous development of technology and the advanced cloud technology and artificial intelligence, the speed and accuracy of real-time image analysis have been comprehensively improved. At present, China has also begun to promote face recognition technology at the entrances of stations.


1. Difficult identification, no database connection; 


2. The communication function is weak, and it is impossible to upload and download images in time for comparison; 


3. The operation speed is slow, the efficiency is low, and the working time is delayed.




Normally, it is difficult to have both high performance and small size. However, RuggTablets Info’s EM-MP150S fanless IPC has been achieved both through the use of a unique mechanical and ventilation design. The fanless industrial PC is equipped with an Intel 6th/7th generation Core i3 i5 i7 processor, supports VGA+HDMI independent dual display, supports up to 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 of which support POE function, and the size is only 232x66x132 mm. EM-MP150S also has multiple I/O interfaces, supports serial communication, USB camera and network (LAN) camera, so it is suitable for various application scenarios that provide network support but space is limited. Embedded computers not only need to be deployed in new ticket gates but also need to update existing ticket gates to support face recognition, a high degree of flexibility is also very important in this case. As a well-known rugged tablet OEM, RuggTablets can provide the best industrial PC for its customers.





  • RuggTablets ruggedized PC has excellent computing power and memory, supporting cutting-edge facial recognition applicaMedical Panel PCstions.


  • Multiple I/O support, providing high flexibility and scalability.


  • Compact size, suitable for ticket gate applications with limited space.


  • Matched with different security software platforms to provide comprehensive data and system protection.


  • Long product life cycle, RuggTablets Info permanent services.

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