Rugged tablets for IPC is Used in Financial Field

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RuggTablets Info IPC is Used in Financial Field


With the rapid development of computers and networks, the financial industry is showing a trend of high electronic, intelligent ATM and VTM equipment are gradually increasing. The requirements of financial intelligent self-service terminals are very complex, such as multiple serial ports, multiple parallel ports, sound cards, network cards, dual graphics cards, multiple I/O, etc., and have high requirements for compatibility and stability. Normal computers can no longer meet their needs. IPCs have become the first choice for intelligent self-service terminal control systems in the financial industry due to their low power consumption, high performance, and stable operation in harsh environments.


The EM-MP200S, the embedded IPC of RuggTablets Info, is based on the Intel Celeron J1900 & Core i3 i5 i7 processor. The fanless industrial PC has excellent computing power and graphics processing ability and is suitable for the high-load operation of the bank’s ATM terminal system. Adopt a fanless fully enclosed design to meet the heat disIOT Solutionssipation requirements of the ATM equipment terminal system and ensure that the host can operate reliably for a long time. The industrial panel PC is Equipped with rich I/O interfaces, 2×Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4× USB3.0 interfaces, 6×RS232 serial ports, 2×RS232/485 optional serial ports, audio output, VGA and HDMI interface, and supports an external display to form a synchronous or asynchronous dual display, which can easily connect various external devices.  




Advantage Product Dimension Interface

  • Cost reduction: The OS supports Windows and Linux OS, which further improves the compatibility of the system and effectively.


  • Improve work efficiency: support 4G or WIFI connection, upload data network in real-time, more timely and effective statistics and management of ATM terminal equipment, greatly improve the work efficiency of the bank centre.


  • Quality assurance: RuggTablets’s IPC have passed ISO09001 and ISO14001 audits, and the products have obtained ROHS, CE, CCC  and other electrical and communication-related certifications, providing users with a reliable pass for wide application and reliable operation.

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