Rugged tablets for IPC is Used in Media Field

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RuggTablets Info IPC is Used in Media Field


As of June 2018, the number of online video users in  China was 609 million, accounting for 76% of the total netizens. In 2017, the number of online video users was 565 million, and the user utilization rate was 75.2%. Compared with the end of 2016, it increased by 3.7% and the rate exceeded the overall netizens. The rate was significantly improved, which is equivalent to 110,000 new video users per day. The short video industry erupted in 2019, generating massive amounts of audio and video data on the Internet every day. With the further advancement of 5G in 2020, the market will have further demand for different media solutions.


1. Small storage, unable to meet the video needs;


2. The communication performance is weak, and the audio cannot be uploaded and downloaded in time.



Streaming not only shortens the startup delay by a factor of ten or a hundred but also does not rTablets industrialesequire much cache capacity. Streaming avoids the disadvantage that users have to wait for the entire file to be downloaded from the Internet before they can watch it. RuggTablets Info EM-MP150S is a professional fanless embedded industrial computer with 16GB DDR4 onboard memory. The fanless industrial PC has VGA+HDMI display output and synchronous/asynchronous dual display.


At present, streaming media is widely used in Internet teaching, Internet TV, IPTV, VOD, video chat, and various Internet live and on-demand applications. It can also be used in government, banks, corporate securities companies, and internal training,  learning, live show, and information release, etc.





  • Cross-network and cross-terminal broadcast: It can provide smooth video and audio broadcast services to  Windows, IOS, Android, TV boxes and so on.


  • A wide range of applications: with live TV, live broadcast, time-shift TV, instant review and video on demand.


  • Flexible transcoding engine: the original independently deployed transcoding workstation and streaming media server are combined into one to provide online transcoding services.

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