Rugged tablets for IPC Used in Ticketing and Fleet Management

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RuggTablets Info IPC Used in Ticketing and Fleet Management


The global intelligent transportation industry is undergoing rapid changes, and many companies are limited to the development of infrastructures such as onboard payment and monitoring systems. Therefore, the entire industry needs technological innovation. The customer, in this case, is a large bus company in South America, operating approximately 6,000 luxury and economy buses and completing approximately 150 million passengers annually. The company is looking for a total solution to expand and upgrade the buses, not only covering the car ticketing system but also including the intelligent fleet management system, which can provide customers with better quality services and improve operational safety and efficiency.

Mobile DatenerfassungChallenge

1. Poor environment and strict local regulations;


2. The system is unstable and the wireless communication function is weak;


3. Unable to monitor vehicle information and intact condition in real-time.



RuggTablets Info provides customers with EM-PPC12S PRO fanless embedded IPC. The android industrial PC is equipped with the latest Intel processor and an 11.6-inch LCD screen and a capacitive touch screen, with excellent computing power,  and its unique design is also very suitable for automotive environments. The industrial tablet PC provides ignition power management, supports 9~36Vdc wide range power input (isolation protection), has passed EMARK and IEC 60721 5M3 anti-shock/vibration certification, and provides up to  4 IP ports to support onboard cameras. In addition, the windows industrial PC supports wireless communication, can track the fleet, and also supports GPS, G-sensor, Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE connection,  so it is a powerful solution for such in-vehicle applications.





  • Provide excellent computing power and memory, support fleet tracking and ticketing system.


  • On-board GPS/GNSS module detects vehicle position and can be used for fleet tracking based on a map.


  • Check the working status such as route deviation, speeding, empty load, time delay, etc.

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