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RuggTablets Info Rugged Tablet for Setiman CPR Manikins Solution


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as CPR, is the core content of modern first aid and the most important first aid skills. In daily life, when a cardiac arrest or other conditions occur, the rescuers on the scene must perform CPR procedures according to the norms and standards, so that the patient can be rescued in the shortest time. CPR manikin is an important tool to provide practice operation and assessment for resuscitation. SimDoctor, a modern medical training equipment brand, matches its newly-developed SETIMAN CPR manikins with a  portable intelligent terminal to improve practicability, thereby enhancing market competitiveness.


1. CPR manikins must be equipped with a computer and software for use. The traditional computer use process is cumbersome, and can only work in a fixed manner. Poor portability and visibility.


2. In addition to mobile portability, CPR manikins also have high requirements for accuracy and stability. Every detail of computer and software must reach close to zero error.



In order to meet the requirements of SimDoctor’s CPR manikins for the portability, accuracy and stability of the computer, RuggTablets info recommends a portable intelligent rugged medical tablet for it, namely the rugged tablet EM-T81. Built-in cloud service software management system and CPR manikins form a complete physiological form manikins system. RuggTablets means to provide you with the best medical tablet PC.




  • EM-T81 integrated cloud service software management system can realize WiFi connection, real-time monitoring/communication, report sharing, cloud server support and other functions.


  • EM-T81 can monitor the real-time dynamic curve of the CPR manikins through the cloud service software management system. The display items include electrocardiogram, compression depth, blowing volume, etc. And it can carry on the statistical analysis result according to thHUGEROCKe set standard. Setting items include operating time, operating frequency, pressing and blowing ratio times, cycle times, pass rate, etc.


  • Both CPR manikins and EM-T81 have built-in power supplies. The CPR manikins can stand by for one month on a single charge, and the EM-T81 can last for eight hours. They can achieve complete wireless operation through WiFi wireless connection.


  • A single EM-T81 can monitor multiple CPR manikins at the same time.


  • EM-T81 is stable and reliable, with a protection level up to IP65.



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