How do you judge rugged laptop? Sales with rich experience told you.

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Rugged Notebooks are designed for military, field services, transportation, public safety, and utility professionals. The device has the following features: a faster processor, low-temperature resistance, fast online, daylight visual display, easy-to-use interface and port with a protective design, and so on. Rugged notebook difference with regular notebook more than the function of rugged protection, if there is a need for rugged, the rugged device will be the much better choice.

Rugged notebook is generally waterproof, anti-fall, anti-scratch, if careless or the use of the computer in the harsh environment, that is the need for a rugged notebook. If using the environment is normal, that consumer notebook is enough, after all, the price of a Rugged notebook will be much higher than the ordinary notebook, the cost performance will be reduced. Unlike consumer notebooks, rugged devices are niche products, which means they won’t be a big market, so big brand companies aren’t likely to devote core resources to them. On the contrary, some small and medium-sized enterprises are willing to work deeply in this field, and their products are often more cost-effective. Therefore, to judge whether a solid product is good or not, the manufacturer and the product itself should be measured comprehensively.


01 The basic situation of the enterprise, such as the size of the staff. A small workshop with dozens of people can’t make a solid laptop of good quality, and a team with too few R&D people can’t make a high-performance product. The scale of the manufacturer also directly determines the quality of pre-sale and after-sales service. In addition, manufacturers need to pay attention to the number of years they focus on the rugged devices industry. If an enterprise has only been established for a few years, then there must be insufficient technology accumulation.

02 Own factory, in addition to the first line of big brands, do not care so much about the cost, other enterprises to survive, have to seriously consider the cost. And whether to have their own factories, is a very important part of cost control. If an enterprise needs to outsource OEM, its cost and quality are difficult to be effectively controlled, and it will usually lose one and lose another. These additional outsourcing costs and quality control costs will be passed on to consumers. Therefore, we should try to choose the rugged notebook manufacturers with their own factories, so that if there is a batch problem, we can even directly ask them to rework.

03 The price, Good goods are not cheap, and good goods are not cheap. The price of any product is regulated by the market. It is relatively reasonable to set a price slightly higher than the average market price as the procurement target price. In particular, be wary of so-called “ultra-low, special, cost prices. If a sturdy laptop is good enough, it certainly won’t be, or it will violate the laws of economics.

04 Qualifications, which are divided into enterprise qualifications and product qualifications. For example, national high-tech enterprises, electronic information hundred enterprises, and so on. Common product certification includes IP level certification, U.S. Military standard MIL-SYD-810G certification, explosion-proof certification, safety certification, environmental protection certification, if the global shipment, but also including the access certification of various countries and regions, Google GMS certification, etc..

05 Shipments, the small number of shipments means that rugged laptops have not been tested in the market, and there may be a lot of potential problems. Only when the shipment of products reaches a certain amount, some problems will be exposed and cause the attention of enterprises. Companies with large shipments invest in reliability testing equipment to ensure that their products can adapt to extreme environments during development and production.


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