Software customizes for rugged PC Android version.

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Abstract:software customize for Android rugged handhelds, Android rugged tablets, Android rugged laptops

Software customizes for rugged PC Android version.-Rugged tablet

As an original manufacturer focus on rugged handhelds, rugged tablets, rugged laptops, what we offer to the market, here is the detail information about the software customize Android versions, 

Android rugged devices-Appearance customization

1. Appearance color matching

2. Radium vulture logo

3. Screen printing logo

Note: Neutral machines are provided by default

Android rugged devices-System customization



Interface Display

  1. Boot Logo
  2. Boot animation
  3. Default Wallpaper
  4. Desktop Layout


OTA Update: Update System OS by OTA

System Information

  1. Manufacturer name
  2. Equipment Name
  3. Default language
  4. Default Time zone
  5. Bluetooth name
  6. SN Format

APP requirements

  1. Preload APP list
  2. Delete APP List
  3. System APP Customization


  1. Other requirements
  2. Product application scenario
  3. Docking People information

Android rugged devices-Button customization

1. Button function control (such as I16K shielding volume increase and decrease button, P key function)

2. Button combination (e.g. : Power +Volume- use as CTRL + Alt +del)

3. Button function control (for example, the volume up/down button, the Home button, and the Power button can be shielded and the home button can be changed into the return button)

Android rugged devices-Button customization

1. Add the PXE function of the network port

2. Plug it in and turn it off when unplugging the DC

3. BIOS adds default password

4. Interface function control (such as I22K shielded COM1 and COM2 interfaces)

5. Shield WiFi, BT, LTE, NFC, Camera, GPS, MIC, and other functions

6. Enter the password before setting APK

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