Rugged tablets for The Management of a Fire Brigade in East China

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The Management of a Fire Brigade in East China


In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s information technology, fire management as an area of public safety has also ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. Fire protection is a matter of great concern to the people in modern society. A series of problems such as the complex functions and environment of modern buildings and the shortage of professional managers have led to inefficient fire protection work. As a fire brigade in East China, the client’s fire management work has become the most urgent demand in the direction of technology, intelligence and information network.


1. The situation cannot be updated in time which has an impact on fire control instructions;


2. Cannot grasp the use of fire trucks and rescue items in time will affect firefighting tasks.



In response to the needs of customers, RuggTablets Info recommended a rugged tablet, EM-I75H. Its relatively open interface design is convenient for connecting various external sensors and supports high-speed wireless data networks. At the same time, the rugged tablet with barcode scanner is easy to connect with communication equipment, meet the requirements of waterproof and explosion-proof performance, and can perfectly meet the needs of fire protection work. The use method of this kind of durable computer is simple, safe and easy to operate, which improves the efficiencyTerminales Móvel of fire protection work, protects the safety of people’s lives and property, and contributes to a harmonious society.





  • The rugged tablet PC get the firefighter’s position in real-time through the GPS and direct it to search, rescue or escape;


  • Use RFID technology to track equipment status, helping firefighters to better respond to fire scenes, and avoid data errors and time consuming;


  • Fire-fighting knowledge sharing, providing learning materials, embedding fire-fighting knowledge into work, for front-line personnel to query at any time;


  • Wide temperature resistance, better response to the high-temperature environment;


  • Fingerprint recognition, UHF long-distance card reading and other technologies to improve the security level.

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