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Transit Sorting of Warehouse Industry

With the increasing market competition, it is of utmost importance for enterprises to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs. Warehousing and logistics management are now widely used in various industries. However, due to the low level of industry informatization and facility automation, inventory management is chaotic, express package information is scattered, and low efficiency often occurs. Designing and establishing a complete set of warehouse management processes, improving warehouse turnover rate, reducing the occupation of operating funds, and reducing the cost caused by eliminating warehousing are the essential parts of improving production efficiency for enterprises.


RuggTablets INFO’s rugged handheld terminals and tablet pcs instead of traditional manual operations help enterprises quickly realize digital and transparent management. In addition, Barcode recognition technology help collects and inquires about cargo information. All in all, I divide the whole Warehouse & Logistics management into seven parts, and this article focuses on the fourth part:  transit sorting. I will share the following in the next four solutions every week.

Ultra Rugged
The challenge of transit sorting:

When express parcels are transferred in the transit warehouse, they need to be checked and recorded one by one and communicated to the next site through the computer, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The consignee and consignor cannot check the real-time delivery status of the package; the number of goods received in the intermediate warehouse is not consistent with the number of goods shipped, or the goods are lost, the problematic link cannot be found when the goods are lost.

The solution of transit sorting:

Use the rugged handheld machine EM-I62H instead of manual sorting of goods, record the status, location information, and circulation information of the goods in real-time and upload them to the back-end system through the wireless network. The manager can grasp every item of the goods in real-time through the back-end system. It makes management more convenient and efficient.

Application effectiveness of EM-I62H

1. By scanning the barcode or label of the goods, the screen of the EM-I62H handheld terminal can directly indicate the next forwarding point of the goods.

2. The data is uploaded to the server in real-time by EM-I62H, which is convenient for the consignee and consignor to check the status of the goods at any time.

3. When the goods are lost, the staff can quickly trace which links that the goods lost through EM-I62H to find them in time.

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